abcdefu - Single - GAYLE

abcdefu - Single


  • Genre: Pop
  • Release Date: 2021-08-13
  • Explicitness: explicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 1

  • ℗ 2021 Atlantic Recording Corporation


Title Artist Time
abcdefu GAYLE 2:48


  • Horrible

    By derek salvo
    Extremely over played and it’s just not that original.
  • No.

    By bigmom1317
    Why does the industry keep trying to push these silly TikTok songs on us? We don’t want it.
  • all of you need better taste

    By MufasaJeff
    are you serious? this is what we’ve come to? grow up.
  • Love it

    By as dgd
    Sometimes you need a f-off song. How do the haters blow off steam, by yelling at the actual person?
  • Eww

    By /9472828492
    first of all we, second of all, ew.
  • abcdefu tiktok

    By Wishbone is best
    i found this song before it became super famous on tiktok and immediately loved it, i added it to all of my playlists and shared it with my friends. i related strongly to the teen angst and truth behind the song. it has become very overused and overplayed but that does not make it a bad song!!
  • This is Trash

    By DarkPariah12
    TIk-Tok is a way t share music.. but this is just trash with terrible lyrics.. i am not a musician.. and clearly neither is the singer of this... Trash
  • Go get it!!!!

    By ernswer
    People hating on this can pound sand. She made this song. It’s hers and will always be hers now. Are you going to tell me you think beaver fever wasn’t a thing like thriller in the day. You liked the ped then! Let her have her moment. ITS F-ING CATCHY. OPINIONS ARE LIKE STARBUCKS COFFEE. Overpriced and bitter! FO
  • Better than Olivia, but no

    By HowieStacySmith
    I’m so sick of these tiktok songs.
  • Dookie

    By AmirFrm8900
    Bro it’s so trash

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